Excalibur Laboratories Inc.
An enterprise systems engineering and architecture services company
  • Broad expertise in enterprise weather systems, ground systems for satellite remote sensing and communications systems, high performance computing, telecommunications, networking, and military data links
  • Supporting every facet and phase of satellite remote sensing and communications ground systems
  • Developer of over 60 system, interface, subsystem, and software specifications
    Discriminating Skills
  • Technical breadth and depth, coupled with and a day in and day out sense of urgency and high energy make us ready to be highly productive immediately upon engagement
  • “One man army” with the productivity of several engineers when it comes to getting technical work done
  • Thrive in the early phases of system conception and implementation when functional areas are ill defined
  • Visionary enterprise and system engineer with the capability to set, negotiate, and document the architectural principals and concepts for the rest of the engineering team
  • Tenets of ensuring technical integrity, KISS, and perfect is the enemy of good enough to make certain of cost and schedule effective implementations that fully satisfy mission needs
  • Significant experience in engineering team leadership and management in both single and multi disciplinary teams
  • Prolific proposal developer with the ability to very rapidly learn new technology areas with a proven track record of success
  • Well versed in all computing, networking, storage, and security hardware and software technologies enabling optimal system solutions