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    Summary of Past Accomplishments
  • Conceived and architected a sensor data product generation subsystem for the GOES-R program that exceeded stringent performance requirements using commodity blade servers and GB Ethernet
  • Developed the system specification for the one billion dollar GOES-R ground system that resulted in clear direction for the subsystem engineers and resulted in a near on-schedule system sell-off
  • Reviewed and identified corrections to the GOES-R level 1b and 2+ weather products developed by the subsystem engineers. Additionally, developed corrections to make the level 2+ products open, standards-based and self-describing using the CF Metadata Conventions. Furthermore, wrote the 2000 page GOES-R product users’ guide
    Customer Relations
  • Candid and confident interaction style
  • Trust of customer achieved quickly
  • Always looking for approaches and solutions that serve the best interest of the customer and Government
  • “Think on your feet” capability is disarming to interchanges with the customer
  • Able to effectively track, cost, and accommodate evolving customer requirements
  • Often called upon to perform and comfortable with the role of “customer advocate” in the engineering organization despite the conflict and contention that it brings